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Thrills, politics, spies, comedy, satire, great characters, exotic locations and a lot of attitude. A new kind of political thriller.

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The Regime Change Man

Who thinks running guns to Africa should be a nice little earner? Who’s accidentally acquired a soccer-mad private army of child soldiers? What happened at the Glue Factory? Who forgot to switch off the fountains? Oh, and by the way...

Why is Africa’s richest country so poor?

A deceptive plot to take over the ‘richest country in Africa’ in the name of Democracy. An ethically-challenged businessman on a voyage of self-discovery. A glimpse into the dark heart of the ‘New Democratic Consensus’.

The Story

Someone thinks it’s time for ‘régime change’ in an oil-rich African country. What could possibly go wrong, after all?

But is it really all about oil? Well, maybe not…

Alan Michael Vickery is a self-confident, wealthy, and yet - let’s be honest here - ethically-challenged businessman. He specialises in international finance (but don’t call him a consultant). He’s self-made. He’s fought his way up from poverty. He’s made enemies.

He has a glamorous wife, a house in Chelsea, a beach-side mansion on Barbados, and a talented - if expensive - daughter.

All he needs now is a little respect.

And so he decides to advance his interests by getting into politics.

American politics.

Big mistake.

You may not like him very much when you first meet him.

But, by the end, you might just have changed your opinion…

The Populist

Who thinks he has an answer to the Greater Persian Question? Who’s going to save a nation on the brink? What’s going down in the Libyan desert? Why all the motorcycles? What’s the deal with the iguanas? And, most of all...

Who is John Dolt?

A fortuitous encounter in the bathroom section. Menacing objects in the African sky. A secret and luxurious fortress in the Costa Rican jungle. A strike of all the really productive people. A private army on the streets. An honest man thrust into the seat of power.

The Story

What happens when an ordinary Everyman gets swept up into high politics, and gets a one-time-only chance to make his mark?

Our hero is John Dolt – and heroes don’t get any more ordinary than our John.

It all started when John brushed against the soul of political power down at the Big Builder Warehouse. Was it Destiny that pushed him off that ladder?

And now he’s the Last Great Hope of the nation, with a high-powered political team and a private army at his command.

Will he be able to resolve the Greater Persian Question? There are sinister forces out there that would like to. And not in the nicest way, either…

Meanwhile, England is wracked by disturbances, and the Prime Minister is desperate.

Can John Dolt bring peace in our time? At what price? Is someone manipulating him? To what end? Will he act out the role he’s been given - or will he embrace the Dark Side?

And so the question on everyone’s lips remains:

Who is John Dolt?

The Plutocrat

Who really won the Presidential Election? What’s the true purpose of the Chinese moon mission? Who’s building big in Madagascar? Who’s on a mission to disrupt? America won’t be the same again. In fact...

Will it even be America?

A third-party candidate to be US President. An exclusive hedge fund with consistent returns. Naval conflict in the South China Sea. An underground battle over secrets. Unrest in Hong Kong. A destitute woman with nothing to give but the key to unlimited power.

The Story

What happens when people give up on their familiar political leaders and put their faith in a third-party candidate for President?

Willard Prince is incredibly successful and stupendously rich. He owns an apartment in the best building on Park Avenue.

He runs the New American Century Fund, whose returns are famous - notorious? - for their consistency. (If you want to invest, you’ll need an invitation.)

But do the voters really know what they’d be getting? And who could stop him?

The homeless woman who joins his campaign? Why can’t she see through him?

The slacker-girl who gets mixed up with the Robin Hood Party? Is she out of her depth?

The Australian whistle-blower guy, who’s on the run?

The Campaign Manager who thinks his last race will shatter the system?

And what about that blue-eyed tech billionaire who wants to disrupt? What’s his take on Democracy in America?

And what if China has surpassed America already?

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