Spike and Monty

Our two cats are Spike-and-Monty-on-bedSpike and Monty.

They’re  rescue cats from Cats Protection in Archway,  North London. They both have FIV.

Spike’s the one on the right. He’s about eighteen months old, and he’s very lively and athletic. His purr is very quiet, and he doesn’t miaow much, but he makes some very sweet chirruping noises. I named my publishing operation – Black Spike Books – after him!

Monty is much older; we’re not sure of his age. The vet thinks he’s at least nine. He used to be a street cat, and he looks a bit bashed-up. He’s extremely affectionate and has a very loud purr. But he loves people-food, especially milk and bread, which he’s not allowed to have. This morning he broke into our food recycling bin…

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