Trumptionary – Making the English Language Great Again!

Trumpanity, n., an extreme form of inanity.

Trumparison, n., an unflattering comparison of another to oneself.

Trumpathon, n., a festival of narcissism, lewdness and offensiveness, probably on TV.

Trumpathy, n., a sensation of second-hand megalomania.

Trumpenfreude, n., a feeling of joy occasioned by the suffering of people unlike oneself.

Trumpeolithic, adj., dating back to an era before political correctness or civility.

Trumperial, adj., a swaggering, affected, self-aggrandizing style, that evinces arrogance rather than merit.

Trumpeter, n., one who makes a loud, crude and obnoxious noise.

Trumpillow, n., device for resting one’s head without mussing one’s hair.

Trumpoline, n., device for propelling oneself to dangerous heights.

Trumpometer, n., device for measuring levels of unthinking rage.

Trumpothesis, n., an idea unfounded on science, reason, or morality, which may nevertheless appeal to idiots.

Trumptastic, adj., superb, outstanding, very nearly as good as the Bible.

Trumptation, n., a seductive notion to say what you really think, even though you know it’s nasty and wrong.

Trumpture, n., a form of enhanced interrogation that can be inflicted on pretty much anyone, even children.

(There must be any number of these. Can anyone think of any more? #Trumptionary)

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