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New Book Trailer Videos

There are now three book trailer videos!

There’s a new one for ‘The Populist’, which features some noteworthy London landmarks, and that famous old movie cliché, the spinning newspaper.

It’s on YouTube, and also the video page of the main web site, where the complete YouTube playlist is available.

Then there’s a video for ‘The Régime Change Man’, in which you can see some very beautiful Namibian landscapes.  It’s on YouTube and the video page.

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Video Trailer for The Plutocrat

There’s now a short video trailer for The Plutocrat.

It’s one minute and thirty-six seconds long, and it features some of the book’s Madagascan locations.

It’s on the video page of the web site, and it’s on YouTube, here.

Yes, and there are two really cute lemurs in it…

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